Next episode will be up soon!


Hi all! Just wanted to give a quick update on Episode 09. This will include an interview with a special guest, and we’ve been at issues on scheduling! At the latest, we’ll get it done this weekend, so look for a new episode by early next week. Sorry for the wait (it will be worth it, though!). In the meantime, play some fun games! In the last few weeks we’ve acquired and played Sagrada, the Metagame, and 7 Wonders, all of which I would recommend! And, special shout-out to Ryan, who gifted me with a deck of Epic Card Game and a couple of other goodies he acquired at GenCon. Here’s a picture of the “gaming pile” on our dining room table.

State of the Podcast

I’ve now done four episodes of the podcast. I’m pretty proud of them. I know what the next two are going to be. The next one will be about decision making (well, one small area within decision making, as that broad topic could have 6-8 episodes at least). Then, the sixth one will be a different type of episode, one I’m currently calling a “game vivisection,” where I take one game and examine it from different angles, both cognitively and otherwise. I think I know which game it will be first.

Six episodes then I think will be, not necessarily a “season” but a set. A set of episodes will then have 3-4 shows where I look specifically at a cognitive concept, relating that one concept to a number of games, 1 or 2 more philosophical podcasts, and then 1 or 2 game vivisections.

And, there are people I don’t even know listening to the podcasts! The Word Press plugin I use gives me some info about number of downloads per episodes, along with how they got the episode (Hello! Overcast listeners; that’s the app I use; and, hi to my one listener from Stitcher!)  I set a pretty modest goal of listeners for the outset, think double digits, and it has been met. Once I get six episodes in the can, I’m going to try to “market” a bit more and I have a new goal for after that.

Thanks to all who have listened so far!

Game Developers Conference

A month or so ago, the Game Developers Conference happened in San Francisco. In the past, video game developers met there to talk about case studies, tips, and other topics related to game design and creation. This year they invited board game designers as well! I’ve been working my way through the talks they posted on-line. Highly recommended!